Wednesday, June 10, 2009

lunch is nearing

it's been quite a while since i last posted.

i'm sitting here at my colleague's desk, waiting for the IT guy to finish downloading the anti-virus thingy. it's so quite here, i can clearly hear the clock ticking and i'm bored -_-

oh well...let's do some updating then :p hmm...let's see...

1) church camp just ended. i wasn't all that excited at first but then it turned out to be pretty awesome i must say. haha. long story cut short - bonds were strengthen, fellowship was good, speaker was great, beach was close to beautiful except some smell that i cant stand :p, banana boat was painful, kids were preciously cute :) and games were exhausting. 'nuf said

2) matt came back for a visit!! it's so heart warming to see how much the church esspecially the youths love him and boy, how much we missed him. had some good time catching up with him before he left yesterday.

3) i'm ending work this month!! wee....'s kinda like a love-hate thing for me. love, cause i get a break after what seemed like a long long time. hate, cause that means i have to start back studying soon and meeting new ppl (yes, i'm antisocial :p) la its not that im completely antisocial, it's just that i dont like new freaks me out. lol. hate also cause i still cant decide whether to take the one-yr or the two-yr programme. ugh...

4) my family and friends threw me a surprise 21st brithday party one month plus back. i have nothing much to say except YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!! I LOVE YOU!! =)

5) went to kuching beginging of May. it was ivan, adrienne, robert and mua. had a good time there eating, laughing (mostly at robert..hahaha), screaming :p, clay-ing and more eating. highlight of the trip : santubong

that's all i can think of and oh the guy is done with com, i can go back to my seat now.

time for lunch. toodles

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