Wednesday, April 22, 2009

mickey mouse thinks it's funny too

i just remembered something at my convo that i forgot to share in the previous post. haha. at my diploma convo two weeks back, i don't know why i got nervous at the wrong time. the whole time i was fine, didn't feel the slightest panic at all until my coursemate who was in front of me went to get his scroll and as i was standing at the marked spot waiting for my turn, i suddenly became gelabah :p then my name was called and as i walked towards the guest of honor my shoe strap came off. that made me more nervous that i just shook the guy's hand and wanted to leave straight until he said "ambik ini (take this)", handing me the scroll. my goodness can u believe it? i went for my convo but didnt take the scroll - the symbol of graduation! haha. i was like "oh sorry sorry" then embarassingly took the scroll :p i doubt i even looked into the camera. let's just hope the photo wont turned out with me looking some where else whereas the guest looked straight into the camera. that'd look really weird and funny. lol

i'd post up some pics but i'm still waiting for the pics from robert. see this was what happened...
ivan stored all the pics in his laptop and then that afternoon his laptop just couldn't be turned on. so we asked robert to check it and he 'diagnosed' it 'dead' :p yea...the laptop has finally ended it's life but thankfully we still can retrieve the datas. so we passed it to the IT expert, robert to help us with that :) i'll post the pics up when i get them back.

on another note, the HELP convocation that I was supposed to work for last sunday turned out pretty interesting for me. getting to see and experience the behind-the-scenes parts was indeed something. being in back stage was also an experience in itself. to see that even the deans and overseas representatives fell asleep proves that convos ARE boring :p there was this australian (if im not mistaken) guy who dozed off right until a short while before his turn to present the certs and as if he knew that it was close to his turn, he automatically woke up. haha.
man were the trays heavy! and it didnt help that each student's name was called rather slowly. each of us were to rotate do three times each. in my second round, i could feel my hands shivering and it was scary. i was afraid that i might drop the tray and unintentionally cause a scene for myself :p except for the tan sri's speech, everything else ended pretty fast, just as scheduled.

i ended up having hand ache on my left hand the next day. ivan was saying that it shows how unfit i am that even carrying a tray can cause my hand to ache. haha. so true :p


Kai Seng said...

itu ambil tray ialah muscle training la!!!
hopefully iwont forget to get my scroll when ihave my convo in July?

IvyM said...

haha. see i so nice let everyone learn from my mistake :p
yea then u should carry more trays to build more muscles =p lol