Thursday, June 25, 2009

the joy ride of all times

recognise these images? i'm sure most of you do. haha. who wouldn't? yup. it's our beloved and famous KTM :p

with don't know what to expect. everyday is a mystery and a surprise somewhat. this morning, no different from other mornings, was yet another mystery. the limited-stop shuttle train was supposed to be ferrying us today. the limited-stop shuttle train are those that only stop at certain stations..'popular' station i would say, those that have tons of people. ok so...back to my story, yup, the train arrived...packed (like im surprised) and of all days, today the station where i wait was filled extra many people. so i assumed that the previously scheduled train hadn't make its appearance. as usual, when you have tons of eager and anxious people who are scared that they wouldn't make it into the already packed train and be late for work, started pushing their way in. at this point, the best spot to place yourself in is in the middle of the crowd..wee...that way you dont have to walk or push yourself in, others will do it for you :p ok so i was in but quarter of the crowd at the platform had no choice but to stay back to wait for the next train that's coming in 20 mins (20mins!!!).

now, the situation in that train is not what you'd like to experience on a working morning..well actually even every other morning. the air conditioning system was down! can you believe it? hundreds of human sardines stuck and cramped in a air cond-less train for half and hour!! given my oh-so-tall heighti got the best of both worlds : odours and air(less). everyone was sweating like pig. make-ups ruined, suits soaked, hair tousled, arms sticky with sweat...get the picture? it was so humid in there that the windows were covered with mist. i had a hard time telling what station it was each time the train stopped. i could hardly hear the driver's announcement of stations which sounded more like a whisper to me than an announcement and the windows were blur so i cant see the signs outside -_- so i just stood there the whole journey guessing each station we stopped and hoping to reach KL Sentral asap before passing out because it was getting harder to breath.

i've never appreciated air conditioning or rather just air more than when i stepped out of that sardine can :p so there you 30-minute-train-ride story


Adam Jong said...

Imagine the train broke down on the way and all of you have to wait for another 30 minutes inside ^_^

hannah said...

hahahahahahahaha... i feel u, i feel u :p