Monday, July 13, 2009

i like things to stay the way they are

pre-warning: if this whole post doesnt make any sense to you, dont worry, it just cause i felt like crapping that's why :p lol.

yup. just as my title suggests...i do like when things/situations are familiar. for those who know me well enough will know that i dont like new environment. its depressing :p

just like our lives, there are some things we just wish would remain the way they are. sometimes changes are not all that beneficial especially when it's not really a change after all, it's just some silly past that decides to come back and haunt you. when there are some things that you wish would stay away till you decide that you're ready to face them again, suddenly reappears. what to do? how do you overcome it when all it does is to take up all of yourself most of the time? it occupies most of your time and you loose focus a lot. it's as if it's stuck to you. you've been trying so hard to get rid of it but now it's back! you did not ask for it but it just came...back! :p and it makes you wonder, is this some kind of test from God?

ok i think i better stop here or i'll cause more confusion and curiosity :p this is what happens when you have nothing to do and suddenly you feel like ranting bout the things you thought bout in your FREE time. bad bad. haha. moral of the day from ivy mak: keep yourself busy -_- lol

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