Monday, September 7, 2009

You are the reason I sing

yup that's right. i have been on a long break since july :p oh well. last post july 13? oops...on a loong break huh u must be wondering. hahaha. my defence, there's nothing much that i felt like blogging bout that's why and of course there's the main reason..LAZY =P i'm pretty much enjoying the 'holidays' before my degree starts in october =) speaking of that, i really thank God for this programme that i'm enrolling. as of mid last month, i still had not much clues on which programme i should be taking. the one-year or two-year and it kinda got a lil depressing mainly because i really want the one-year but the two-year option seem more possible. haha. so like "er...which to choose?" but He is amazing! i later found out that it's possible for me to take the one-year programme. wee...!! i really thought i would have to reluctantly settle for the two-year but God made it all possible =)

a BIG THANK YOU to my heavenly Father!!


so i think i've found a new online hobby. searching for places to eat, recipes and more places to eat :p lol. i seem to have a thing for food these days. dont know why. my facebook pics can testify. i know some of you may be grinning if not laughing right now XD but yes food makes me happy! :)

i guess that's all for now. toodles!


Adam Jong said...

Secret Recipe White Chocolate~

IvyM said...

haha. yummy! to be exact it's white chocolate macadamia :)