Friday, January 15, 2010

hola! :)

my gosh...finally!! i've not been able to access blogspot ever since my last post due to i dont know what. in fact, i've not been able to access google or any google related sites. so when ivan said he fixed something yesterday and he could access his gmail, i thought i'd just give blogspot a shot and...wa la! here i am. lol's 2010 already (i know i'm kinda slow, blame google :p). yup, yet another year. so sad :( you look back and go "oh my, i cant believe that that was last year!" i have this love-hate thing bout moving into a new year. a new year first of all reminds me that i'm another year older and trust me, i do feel it, now that this would be the third year my age starts with a 2. i've never really thought of it until i suddenly realized that i've only got so much time left to do things that you'd only enjoy doing in your 20s...if you get what i mean :p
and then there're all these uncertain things ahead of you as each new year unfolds. i for one, dislike changes. i know of many who just cant wait to see what awaits them but unfortunately i'm not of one them. i've always thought changes to be 'ma fan' and depressing. although i've been proven wrong many times, i still dont like changes :p

ok so new years are not so bad after all. this is when things you've planned or looked forward to last year could take place right? =) there're probably as many if not more positive stuff that we normally look forward to as each new year arrives.

oh well, bottom line is, God is in control of every thing and all we little people of this earth have to do is very simple, trust. i know it's easier said than done. i myself fall short of this all the time and have to be constantly reminded.
Note to myself: He knows what's He doing ok, He's God after all! so learn to let go and let the driver take control of the wheel! :)

phew...that's a whole chunk of words. lol
check this sound out! it's my song for the week though not like i have song for each week :p haha but got me singing (in my head) the whole week :)


going Genting with cousins this sunday!! yup, genting again -_- but but this would be our first time without our parents!! weee...hehe =)

here comes the weekend!

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