Tuesday, February 2, 2010

an adventure to remember

yesterday was federal territory day and the whole of KL got public holiday so we decided to go for a roadtrip. cut long story short..there we were at broga hill, semenyih. honestly, i really didnt expect climbing it was gonna be that tough. somehow from the pictures i see from friends who have climbed it i thought it was gonna be easy...sap sap sui la i thought :p
we reached there around 10am (i think cause none of us checked the time we arrived) which was not a very good time cause the sun was already up and ppl usually hike up to watch sunrise. ok, nvm that it was sunny and we were all sweating like crazy by 10mins, it was the terrain that was the challenge. now that im typing this only i realised that yesterday was my first time ever hiking...woohoo!! haha.
so for a first timer like me, the hike up was a great challenged. i'd never dared climb anything that's steep and by that i mean like 70-75% steep. basically your butt is showing straight to the person behind you as you try to push your body forward as much possible so you wont fall back :p

anyway, we did made it up the hill (kinda). a few went all the way up to the peek but the rest went three quarter and one (which was me) stopped at slightly below three quarter. lol. i still consider that an achievement ok :p coming down was rather easy and somewhat fun-er that going up.

after broga we headed for lunch at the town for pan mee, cendol and ice kacang (recommended by kai seng, the semenyih-ian).

after which, we decided to head for sungai gabai waterfall, which we all thought was not too far. we were all proven wrong when it finally took us one solid hour to get there from semenyih! the place was pretty nice. we had a good time there :) cold chilly water was what we needed from the burn we got from climbing the hill. haha

all in all, it was an awesome day with awesome ppl :)) as i said in my twitter, no matter where the destination is the company you have is what matters most to make a memorable time.

p/s: thanks a bunch to our drivers, tim and wilson for driving us! we know how tough it is to manoeuver a van loaded with 11 ppl under the hot and humid weather. so thank you! :)


kaiseng said...

ape tu,makcik!!
great u guys had fun!!!

Joel Lee Weng Yew said...

Haha. Then you should consider never arranging a trip to Mt. Kinabalu. For that one, you don't even see the person' butt in front of you.

tim said...

hey hey hey what see butt what butt

alantanblog said...

Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=81317897674

IvyM said...

kai seng: fellow semenyih resident la :p haha
joel: as for now, broga is already good enough. mt kinabalu can wait..forever. lol
tim: your butt, my butt, everyone's butt :p