Monday, July 26, 2010

what we do when the boss in not around

here's the thing, my office only consists of four people including me. i'm seated in a room on my own, my boss (so called la but i dont report to him) is seated in the room next to mine while my two other colleagues are seated just outside the boss' room where he can clearly see every move they make. lol. so whenever the boss is around there's an awkward silence in the office except for the sound of the photocopy/printing machine making noise each time something is photocopied or printed. but then as soon as you hear my lady colleague talking in a louder tone, you'll know for sure that the boss has gone out. her voice is like my indicator since i can't see when the boss leaves. haha

so usually he'll be around in the morning till bout 11/12pm then he goes out till bout 3/4pm. ahh...this is the time we have the most fun in the office :p my colleague and i (mostly her actually) will talk and talk and talk till she runs out of breath. lemme just show a list of what we did just a while ago before i sat down to write this post. lol

1) talked bout I/C (she couldn't find hers and thought it was lost when it's in one of compartments of her wallet)
2) talked bout how we spend money like its water
3) went on to credit cards
4) then came to her fav topic: her son
4.1 read his blog together (he asked her to)
4.2 talked bout how teenagers these days
4.3 she introduced to me 'Gloomy Sunday'
4.4 talked bout his friends

so yea, basically that was what we did the pass an hour and half :p but dont be mistaken, we only this when we have nothing to do. haha

speaking of Gloomy Sunday, apparently it's called The Suicide Song. it seems that many suicide cases amongst young people were associated to this song saying that those who listened to this song over and over again eventually committed suicide. when i heard that i became scared :p so when she asked me whether i wanted to hear it, i was like "No thanks" haha. and it didnt help that i watched the case of the assassination of senator aquino (one of philippines' most influential leaders)on History channel last night. it's weird. somehow i get scared after listening to such stories. haha. it was quite funny actually, i was so scared that i didn't even dare to go to bed by myself so i waited for my sister to finish bathing and rushed her to bed so we could go upstairs together :p

anyway, if anyone's curious how Gloomy Sunday sounds like, listen to it here.

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