Tuesday, August 3, 2010

come fly with me, let's fly let's fly away

this post marks my 101th!! wee.... =) plus, this would be somewhat a random post as well since i have nothing to do now :p so what better way to pass your free time in the office than to scribble down random, non-relevant, uninteresting and point-less thoughts. hehe.
ps: i can hear my colleague outside giggling to herself watching a video/clip online.
note: boss not around

Random #1
so we had dinner at bumbu bali last night to celebrate bryan's farewell before he leaves for the States next week. it was quite a nice dinner i would say. great atmosphere for fellowship and dinner. we got the whole of 2nd floor to ourselves for almost half the time we were there. hehe. food wasn't too bad only a little pricey. i dont think i'd go there for no special reason simply because i didn't think the food was that special for that sort of pricing. oh well...that's just my personal thought don't know bout others :)

Random #2
i can't find my clincher!! my one and only clincher!! :( in case you're wondering what a clincher looks like, here it is. now i have to get a new one and it's not easy shopping for a suitable waist clincher! but if i don't, i can't wear some of my loose dresses without looking like a pregnant woman -_-

Random #3
i got myself my first ever fits-me-well pumps last week! yay! after a couple pairs of 'failed' pumps, i was thinking hard whether should i give it another shot. some must be wondering what's the big deal bout buying a pair of shoes. you see, the past few times i bout a pair of pumps, they always ended up to tight and gave me blisters. BUT i really would love to have a pair of pumps as i can't seem to wear heels too long anymore and the only flats that i have are my flip flops and sandals which are not really appropriate for certain occasions. so yea...
anyway...i'm glad i finally got one that fits me well though it does give me a lil blister, other than that the size is just nice :)
oh...it's purple! mua favourite color =) hehe

Random #4
i need a punjabi suit soon! it's for my grandcousin's wedding next month. still contemplating whether i should just call up my friend whom i last saw on my birthday last year :p to borrow one of hers or should i just buy one myself. hmm....

Random #5
there's a big bag of hershey's in the office kitchen right now and it makes me very happy! :)) i think there's at least one month's supply of chocos in there! i would be eating most of it i think, dont think the adults would appreciate them as much as i would :p kekeke

Random #6
there's this annoying photobucket sign/notice/pop-up/virus or whatever you call it that's in the way of my blog when you read it. i dont know how to get rid of it. so annoying its right in the middle of the page. if anyone knows how to take it away, let me know please.

Random #7
i have nothing more else to say, i'll just stop here. toodles


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