Thursday, August 19, 2010

He is jealous for me

i guess you might be wondering what's with the frequent posts recently. guess what? i'm wondering too :p lol

so i was reading my previous posts and went all the way back to when i first started blogging. haha. i dont know what to feel when reading what i wrote. i guess its a mixture of feelings. there were some that i was embarrassed by, some impressed with, some got me thinking, some reminded about stuff and some made me laugh. as i read certain posts, i wondered could things be any different if i acted or reacted differently. im sure it could but i would not be the person i am today if things were different. when you allow God to work in and take control of your life, you'd be surprise at the outcome. i thank God for all that has happened be it good or bad. it has allowed me to grow both mentally and spiritually.

i was kinda embarrassed at the fact that i can be emotional at times and i cant believe i actually shared those emo times in the public. lol. though it wasn't like public public kinda thing, wouldn't know who actually reads your blog :p anyway...the past is past. i think at those times i just needed to vent. haha. another thing i realised is that i seem to write better last time, my writing skills have gotten worse...yikes! i think that implies time for more reading :p

on another note, i've been going and getting out of bed with a song in my head. i dont know if it has been this way all along and i didn't realise or is it a new thing. haha. like this morning, i got up with How He Loves Us by david crowder and it's been in my head till now :p the funny thing is the songs that're in my head keeps repeating a certain line/phrase/paragraph. i never 'sing' the whole song in my head. why ah? lol.
the one artist that i absolutely try to prevent from getting his songs stuck in my head is justin bieber/beaver whichever sounds better :p cannot tahan him. i dont know what do girls see in him. thank God my sister is not one of them or i'd make her sleep outside. lol

random note: next friday's public holiday for me!! wee..... go jalan-jalan!! =)

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