Tuesday, August 17, 2010

that spiky and smelly thing

so for all you durian lovers (that includes me!) out there, here're some info about the fruit that might you be interested to know and may be happy to learn that it's not all that bad :)

a) durians have no cholesterol

b) more recently, nutritionists have claimed that durians can even help to lower cholesterol, cleanse blood, cure jaundice and alleviate fever

c) they are also packed with amino acid, vitamin B, E, a whole lot of vitamin C and contains high level of anti-oxidant which decreases the effect of aging

d) durians make us happy! - they contain tryptophan that is essential for making and maintaining serotonin levels in our body. the serotonin hormone functions to regulate our happiness

e) concoctions made from the leaves of a durian tree can help reduce swelling and cure skin diseases

f) rich source of potassium that helps to control heart rate and blood pressure

g) also rich in dietary fiber - eases defecation

now we know, as unhealthy as durians look and sound, behind those stinky-spiky-weird-looking fruit is a whole lot of goodness that most of us aren't aware of =D

ps: it's the peak of the durian season now. go get a durian!

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