Tuesday, February 8, 2011

can we pretend that airplane in the night sky like shooting star

i can't seem to understand why do malaysians so often find all ways to condemn the country and everything that is in it. it can be really sickening geram-ing at times to read and hear comments from our fellow citizens who were born and raised here, that brings down this very country that they so don't appreciate. sometimes it's like saying just for the sake of saying. like even though it's not that bad, we still want to say something bad about it, just itchy itchy want to say something :p i agree that it's much much easier to comment on the negatives rather than positives, i'm guilty of that too but why should we keep comparing our country with that of others. those countries we so often think as 'better' than ours may not be as good as you think, you know. that whole 'other lands are greener than here' line is nonsense. yes, there may be certain aspects that we lack in but there are also many that we are better than others. we can't be constantly looking faults in the government.

i believe that God has a reason why He chose this government to run our country. i like the phrase i heard once in either hitz/fly/mix fm can't remember which but it goes along the lines of "Don't only think of the country can do for you but think of what YOU can do for the country" And somehow i think this can be applied to churches as well. As members, one has to think of how we can serve the church rather than vice versa.

i couldn't agree more.

back to the government, i'm not saying we can't comment, we certainly can but what i'm trying to say is that try seeing things from a different perspective. not all's bad sometimes.

i myself am not agreeable to how certain matters/issues are handled in this country and neither do i like all the politicians that are running this country but i try (very hard :p) not to blame every negative things that happen on them because i know i'm not perfect myself. it's VERY easy to just sit there in front of the tv/newspaper/computer/radio and just comment on how this or that can be done this or that way or how he or she is not fit or why this and that never do this or that. sorry for so many 'this' thats' :p lol. but yea, it's so easy to just talk but doing it is a whole new story. i don't know where have i said this, it could probably be in conversations or in one of my previous posts too :p, my mum used to say "we can't even run our own lives and families properly, what more a country"

by now, some of u must be wondering if i'm some pro-government insider who's paid to do all these or some fanatic who loves her country so very much. haha. no no. i'm neither. yes i do love malaysia but till the extend of 'so very much' la :p lol. no doubt i may one day have to eat back my words but i think i'll always love it here cause my family's here (and also food la of course :p)

side note, i had an inquiry for P1 Wimax and thought i'd just drop them an email or sth but then i discovered an easier way! hehe. i'm so jakun. i chatted with them at their site! how cool's that? haha. it was my first and i like it! it's so convenient and fast. i could get my answer immediately unlike email which would take bout 1 to 2 days or longer.

that's one lengthy post. hehe :p i shall stop

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