Sunday, February 6, 2011

CNY 2011 Day Cuatro

ok, i bet some of u must be wondering by now what's with the days in spanish. haha. i say: 'i dont know either' =p nah...for fun only la plus it's not like i really know days in spanish. other than uno, i sought help from everyone's good friend, google for the rest of the days =p lol.

well oh well, tomorrow everyone's back to school and work :( even though cny lasts for 15 days, pretty sure after today most ppl would feel like it'a already over since the holiday is over. haha.

today we didn't much really. went to church in the morning and then uncle's place after lunch. church was a little (just a little :p) weird today simply because pastor's family isn't around. i dont ever remember coming to church without seeing at least one of the Lees around. today's my first. haha. i anticipated it to be awkward. it was awkward but not as much as i thought. hehe. everything went well nonetheless which was good =)

i'll leave you with these two photos of ivory's artwork

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