Thursday, March 31, 2011

big breakfast! episode. 2

since today's the last day for the mcd big breakfast promotion thingy, my mum and i decided to give it another try. so we arrived at the taipan mcd at 7.05am and the crowwdddd...crazzeee. it was worse than last saturday when we were there. from the previous post you can see that the queue was till the outside of the door but today it extended till two more shops away! if only i knew, i could use another hour of sleep :p anyway, we settled for a mee-goreng-teh-limau-ais breakfast instead. haha. i didn't manage to take any photo of the queue though or you'd be even more shocked.

after dropping me off at work, my mum went over to the tesco branch to take away. she texted me and said there were to lines queueing and each line had like 40 ppl lining up -_- her turn only came an hour later!

i call this the BIG (literally) breakfast craze!

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