Wednesday, April 13, 2011

holding back

it suddenly struck me that maybe i should learn to hold back sometimes. holding back on words and actions. i've always thought that expressing is good and dont get me wrong i still think it is and admire people who are bold enough to express themselves but holding back may actually be just what i need. not all the time but most of the time. kinda had enough of those did-i-sound/look-silly? moments =p

sometimes doing,saying or showing so much may only hurt more. both myself and others around me. so what's the point in expressing if it's only gonna cause more confusion, anger, sadness, dissatisfaction or doubts. this is definitely gonna take lots of self-control, patience and love in which i need a lot of practice in, just like everyone else.

the picture is kinda out of context i know. haha. i just like the view of the sunset that i managed to snap with my phone =)

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