Monday, May 23, 2011

fabulous weekend!

so after that lazy friday last week, i had a great weekend which could be summarized as follows:

i) learnt a new addictive board game from the Bengs called Apples to Apples. fun and easy =) after all the series of addictions, im starting to think starting a game ministry would be a good idea :p
ii) finally got my passport done on saturday morning. thanks to wilson, adrienne and tim for accompanying. hehe.
iii) visited Royal Selangor Pewter for the first time. interesting :) would love to visit their factory some day.

handprints of RSP employees who served more than 5 years
founder of Selangor Pewter
a KLCC model made out of 6000+ pewter cans

iv) celebrated Ps Daryl's birthday in chinese style i.e the whole embarrassing-birthday-song-played-in-a-chinese restaurant thing. haha.
great food and fellowship - the former also confirms what i meant by chinese style :p

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