Friday, May 20, 2011

lazy friday

today feels like the longest day ever since i started work here :p worse still, i have to wait extra 40 mins after work today before my aunt comes -_-

BUT it's friday! anything negative on friday is not negative because it FRIDAY! lol. looking forward to the weekend as usual =) can't wait to get my passport done so that i can quickly proceed with the other stuff for my visa application. i pray nothing goes wrong tmr at immigration or it'll be another week delayed.

this whole visa application process is starting to stress me out. i kept thinking it's gonna be easy peasy. how difficult can it be right? it's not like i have any criminal record or serious illness but i stand corrected :p it's all these little things that cause the headache. like how out of a sudden now we (adrienne and I) found out that there's a possibility that we might have to sit for either IELTS or TOEFL -_- which is gonna cause a bomb and i definitely do not want to take it if there's an alternative! i pray there're alternatives. my English is fine what :p

anyways, happy weekend ppl!! =D

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