Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i've finally found someone, someone to share my life

love was in the air. technically. everyone was so filled with joy and happiness and most of all, filled with love. the night before the wedding we were singing love songs on the karaoke, then everywhere was filled with symbols of love i.e pink and red roses, heart shape chocolates and in the ballroom dinner was accompanied by love songs that were played throughout the night. it was all bout love. that is why i love weddings :)

it was really heart warming to see the happy faces and hear the laughters of my family during my grandcousin's wedding. everyone was having pure fun. i also love it that my family is a multi-racial family. we have chinese, indians, malays and even eurasians. a true malaysian family i would say. oh and guess what, the best man was a malay and the bride's maid was an indian. now that's what i call muhibah :)
all in all, i enjoyed every bit of it :) and to Daniel and Aleena, all the best as you journey in this new chapter together! may the love of God be filled in your marriage :)

and and and...Aleena, in case u stumble upon this blog, you looked absolutely gorgeous!! :)
there were actually tons of pictures but i dont know why my cousins didnt upload them. or else i could have 'stolen' more to post it up :p

ps: that's nine 'love' in one single post. and it just became ten. haha

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